“It is not the straining for great things that is most effective;

it is the doing the little things, the common duties, a little better and better.”

Elizabeth Stuart Phelp

As an advisor and consultant, I have found that the businesses who focus on getting the little things right often get the big things right! Consumers appreciate services and features that make their interactions quick, efficient, and enjoyable. Yet, many businesses have not taken advantage of technological advances in the little things.

Often the first recommendation I make is to take a close look at your merchant processing. For your business, you need a system that is secure. For your customers, you need a fast and easy to use method of handling payment, most of which are through credit or debit cards.

To my knowledge, only one highly rated and competitively priced merchant processor offers Remote Signature Capture. This feature allows your clients to pay, with a signature, without having to physically be in your dealership or office. A parent paying for their child’s car repair or a professional on the road can quickly and efficiently provide their signature just as if they were standing at your cashier counter. And, your business will have a secure and permanent record of every transaction. Take a look at this short two minute video and imagine the impact this “little thing” will offer you and your clients:

Groppetti Automotive Group is the largest family owned auto dealership in the San Joaquin Valley. Listen to their Controller as she discusses the reporting features and benefits of PayJunction’s Merchant Processing package.

PayJunction is an example of the little things I may recommend when you retain me as a financial consultant. It takes very little of your time to get pricing and a demonstration of PayJunction. A few minutes to fax two months of your existing merchant processing statements and fifteen minutes to demonstrate PayJunction so you can easily make a decision.

From Merchant Processing, banking and floor planning arrangements, to Executive Benefits and even a comprehensive review of your individual and business tax returns, you can expect accurate analysis and recommendations that may not only save money, increase profits, or reduce taxes, but also keep your customer in mind!

So let’s schedule a time to chat and I’ll be happy to go into detail on PayJunction and the consulting services specifically designed for owners and their businesses in the automotive industry.

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