Successfully running a business often takes more than a forty hour workweek. As a result, it can be challenging to plan and prepare for you, and your business’s, long term goals. I serve as and advisor, or a consultant, depending on your needs and have access to a wide variety of products and services designed for your specific goals.

With almost thirty years of experience, you can count on me to assist you, and your business, in analyzing, planning, and implementing strategies designed to increase growth, reduce expenses, lower your tax burden, and, ultimately, help you transition to retirement.

If life is a journey, shouldn’t you have a guide? And, shouldn’t your guide focus on your life?




The financial services industry offers a truly massive, and mind-numbing, number of products and services designed to help people with their money. But they offer very little when it comes to your most valuable asset: Your Life!

My goal is to provide the products and services you need but with a focus on your life. Money is important, no question. But, money is not your life, or at least it shouldn’t be. If you’re ready for a different approach, schedule a call with me by clicking the button on the bottom of this page.


Investment Management


Strategic, time tested, low cost strategies designed for all market conditions over the long-term. You will know and understand your portfolio and avoid stress relating to the markets. The world has become too complicated to “go-it-alone”.




The future is never known, but you can plan for unexpected events. As an independent agent, I offer products designed to protect you, your family, and your business from the expenses associated with long term care, disability, and loss of life.


Planning and Consulting


We help you define your personal goals, and/or your business goals, and coordinate your tax, estate, investment, healthcare, and retirement plans. Planning or consulting may be “one time”, or ongoing, depending on your needs.


Retirement Income


Retirement should be fun! You will need a retirement strategy featuring guaranteed income and growth. it is never too early to plan for the next journey, schedule a call to discuss your goals and get a free copy of my book, Retirement IncomeLock.

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